Use Paint Color Names in Story Writing

I read an article that gave me a great idea: Use those creative color names found on paint chip samples to make my descriptions more interesting or evocative. So, I just signed up for a Valspar Paint website profile so I can choose and save my colors for my stories. Aren’t these great?


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Darla McDavid

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  1. Love the idea of using paint names in stories. I often wonder who comes up with the names for nail polish.


  2. What a terrific idea, Darla! Ten years ago we shifted from all white walls in a house we’d bought (did you know there are 14+ shade names for white!?!) Some of the color choices were great fun: Marshmallow S’mores; Rusty Barn Red; Sea-tinged Sage. Some didn’t last–they were just trial colors–but we had a great time.


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