Things I Love: This Old Telephone


(I shared this video over the weekend on Facebook and I thought you’d enjoy it, too.)

I found this old phone (1950s or ’60s) several years ago at a church rummage sale. I thought I’d remind those of you who remember the days of waiting … patiently … for … the … dial … to … go … around, and give a laugh to our young people. The thing weighs four pounds — it’s heavier than my MacBook!

I do love it, though. The shape, the color, the sound, the weight. The word “Operator” on the Z/0. It sits atop my hallway cabinet, holding down paper and reminding me of childhood and slower times.

And it’s a nice conversation piece: “Remember when we got busy signals?” “I’d have to bang on my sister’s door and yell for her to get off the phone so I could have my turn.” “There was only one phone number to remember for each family.”

Times change.

Click on the video to see the classic rotary telephone at work.


Darla McDavid

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  1. Yes, the time it took to go around…..and the buzzing sound it made! You couldn’t make a call if Grandma was taking a nap!


    • Right! It was noisy. We couldn’t sneak a call, could we And then the time came when we could buy long extension cords and take the phone into another room for privacy. Ha!


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