Things I Love: Rain


Fresh rain on an agave plant at my workplace


We have received the gift of refreshing rain over the past two days here in Southern California. I love how the first sprinkles will cause a weather reporting frenzy on my Facebook timeline. We express our excitement over a few inches of rain, which may seem silly to the rest of the country.

But things are serious here, and every drop is precious.

Lake Cachuma is the reservoir in our County that we depend on for drinking water. The level has dropped to a frightening one: under 40 percent of capacity.


Lake Cachuma on Tuesday. Arrow points to the normal level.


Click here for photos from the Los Angeles Times that give you a better idea of the Lake’s condition.

Yes, we are happy to have the rain.

But I’ve always enjoyed a good rain storm, drought or no drought. I love the sound. Who doesn’t? The steady, relaxing, soothing sounds of water falling from the sky to clean and nourish the earth — it’s like medicine for the soul.

A favorite evening of mine looks like this: Logs are blazing in the fireplace. I’m on my chaise lounge in comfy clothes with the cat purring by my side. My bowls of popcorn and M&M candies are full. Hot chocolate is steaming in a large mug. A book is open on my lap.

And the rain is falling, dancing, splashing, and spraying its liquid happiness all around.

And if we get a nice wind, my curtains at the open windows do that lazy sashay and add wonderfully to my cozy evening.

I love the rain.

What do you like best about a rainy day?

Darla McDavid

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  1. Rain, mist, and fog are among my favorite things.
    I’m glad you’re getting rain, but I hope you’re not getting the California floods we’re seeing on the news.


    • We are getting some flooding in this part of the state, but we’re also holding off on the complaining since we need the water so badly! Santa Barbara flooded in some areas, but it was expected and people were prepared.


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