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Pencils? In this age of King Keyboard?

I use a trifecta of digital devices: iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Air. I love them all because they keep me productive and connected in a luxurious way.

But now and then I pick up a pencil.

Like the time a few weeks ago when my printer’s drum let me know it needs to be replaced. I don’t have a spare drum, mainly because the thing costs about $200. I had a class to teach the next day and I couldn’t print my notes.

What to do?

Ah, yes! Use a pencil and a notepad. Write out the notes, Darla. You remember how to do that, don’t you? 

And I have a stash of fine pencils — the Palomino Blackwing 602 — thanks to, an online store devoted to the analog writing device.

Pencils.comFor some reason, decided to follow me on Twitter. I, in turn, visited the website and the clever marketing text lured me in: “Inspired by the past, made for the writers of tomorrow. Will you be the next Blackwing Legend?”

So, I bought a box of Blackwings ($20 for a dozen) and stayed at the site reading about everything pencil. The Pencils blog is entertaining, with articles like “You Should Be Taking Lecture Notes By Hand — Here’s Why” and “Five Famous Authors Who Write Longhand.”

pencil-sharpening-machineLook at this: a Caran d’Ache pencil sharpening machine. Swiss made, solid metal, comes with a vintage box. Cost? A sweet $195.

The site shares an entertaining movie called I, Pencil, which teaches a lesson in economics through the story of the pencil and its makers. You can also read about sketch artists and see their work, and there are lessons and histories.


This beauty has a protective cap that functions as a sharpener, pencil extender, and tip protector.


Of course, you’ll find paper for the pencil user: journals and sketchbooks, planners and notebooks. Read the list of “Places You Might Find a Blackwing 602” on the back page of the Blackwing Slate journal:


Click on the image for a closer look at the list.


I love and its love for the simplest of writing tools.

How often do you use pencils? Know of another good pencil site? Let me know!

Note: I’m not an affiliate for and I haven’t received anything from the company for mentioning the site. I just love the way they are keeping the pencil in fashion!

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  1. There’s no like button here! But I do like your post. Nothing brims with possibility quite like a box of freshly sharpened pencils.


    • Yes! Even the pencil shavings are a sight to behold. And I apologize about the missing LIKE button, Kristen. I’m having technical trouble with it on this blog theme. Until I get it working, please share the posts you like on other social media sites. Thanks!


  2. Sometimes I just need to sense and “feel” the words as I write. And there’s nothing like the scratch of a pencil on notebook paper.
    I have friends who write uncooperative scenes with crayons, or with chalk on their driveways. I also have one friend who uses the exact number and type of pencil that the character in Stephen King’s THE DARK HALF had to use when he wrote his book.
    Aren’t writers grand! 🙂


    • Crayons, chalk, possessed pencils — whatever gets the words down, right? (Never heard of the King novel, so I looked it up!)

      Fine writing paper is another thing. A friend gave me a journal full of high quality paper, and writing in it was like enjoying a dessert of coffee and french vanilla ice cream — so smooth.


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