Short Story in Progress: The Petal Collector

One of the photos that inspired my current short story work-in-progress.


I’ve given my short story an easy working title: The Petal Collector. Here are a few of my notes for the scene I’m working on:

Rising Anger

  • Rose cannot keep herself from watching the petal collector. (From her office window.)
  • It makes her angry to see a person getting so much joy from picking up dead things. And he’s taking petals from HER death-countdown bush.
  • What is that book he brings out to read every single time he visits the garden? Thinking that it might be a Bible makes her both angry and envious. (Weave within story.)
  • She wants to end her life, but she gets a stirring inside whenever she follows his activity.
  • What’s up with this guy and his petals?
  • More importantly, why does she care? She imagines a number of scenarios.
  • At the end of the scene, she smiles at something he does, which also makes her angry.

Read my earlier post to learn the original inspiration for this story. As soon as I have a decent draft of a scene or two, I will post it here on the blog. Stay tuned!

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