Original entry to the Santa Barbara Public Library

Original entry to the Santa Barbara Public Library, one of my childhood summer hangouts, and still a favorite place today.


A sampling of my works in progress.

Excerpts from Short Stories:

Keepers – As the holiday approaches, an elderly couple prepares for the family gathering with mixed emotions.

Continued On Page 2 – A depressed woman must cope with a hostile plumber.

Excerpt from a Novel in progress:

Untitled Novel #1 –  After the father’s accidental death, a family struggles to stay together when harsh changes threaten its unity.

excerpt: Short Story? novel? Not sure yet

The Blue of Heaven – A girl receives extraordinary visits while being punished with life underground.

Photo Fiction

These are short-short stories that I published on my blog in final form, all inspired by photographs.

A Mother’s Day – A Depression-era migrant worker speaks of her daily life and her newborn.

Postcard to Chateau-Thierry – An imagined postcard exchange.

The Graveyard – Abandoned trains are used to aid a rebellion.

Rust Never Sleeps – A continuation of The Graveyard, shared in an unusual way.