Poem: Perfect is the Teardrop


Perfect is
the teardrop
that falls for One above:

Sting along a path,
and smooth a Son-kissed cheek.

Line with streaks,
and flow to river rest.

Mix with bitter words,
and join a well of peace.

Let it fall.

Perfect is
the teardrop
when it belongs to

[ for T.D. ]

Darla McDavid

I'm Darla, a writer of stories about family, friends, goodness, and God. I love cats, coffee, gardening, and tall stacks of books. Click here to subscribe to my blog. You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram. In my other life, I'm an administrative professional and a Sunday School teacher for preschoolers.

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  1. What a beautiful, stunning and touching poem, Darla. Like you, I look forward to the day when there are no more tears. But in the meantime, I savor wonderful writing…like “Perfect is the Teardrop.”


    • Yes, I know you shed many tears as you care for and see the deterioration in your mother. But that day will come, Marylin. In the meantime, I’ll continue to look forward to how you share your sadness in such a hopeful and uplifting way via your excellent blog.


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