Photo Fiction: Postcard to Chateau-Thierry


My dearest Frederick:

Your inquiry about Mother — there was not much to do after the hemorrhage. She fought well and passed gracefully.

Plan to take care of yourself. You are needed. Father expects to be back in August. I am not so sure.

I know you will put them all before yourself. Shall that be my last thought?

The blossoms — I see them when I climb to the big oak, with your pickets there shepherding Lester Atkins’ stock. The grass swaying, yellow and green, wave after wave, and I hear your jolly laugh and your voice telling me “Soon.”

You are in my lungs, like fire, like sea salt. You are loose gems. You are a mirror and a cup.

Excuse my script — there is more that I say, so read deeply.



17 June 1918

Philippians 4:13

This June marks 100 years since the beginning of the first World War and I’m reading about it. I created this vintage postcard from a photo of flowers in my backyard. Then I imagined a young woman using it to send a message to her sweetheart soldier who is fighting in France.

Darla McDavid

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    • It’s a challenge to imagine separation due to war as I’ve never experienced that in my life. But separation from a loved one, yes. Hope your day is lovely, Robyn.


  1. I think you’ve captured the era well…at least from my limited experience of it.. It leaves the reader with a kind of “I wish there were MORE to the story” feeling. Such a period of eloquence and deep feelings which were verbalized often and honestly with no seeming fear of being rejected no sneered upon. I sometimes think I was born too late for my natural responses to life to surface. I am so distraught today with the courseness of society and it’s short blips of often crude and superficial communication, verbally as well as in writing.. we are definitely a “microwave mentality” generation….


    • I’m glad to know you were left with that feeling, Nat, as that was my goal. And you were born at just the right time, though I understand your feelings. Why don’t you start a blog of your own? You have strong opinions and an entertaining writing style PLUS you take great photos!


      • Kind words, Darla but for the time being, anyhow I do not want to try to exit onto another technical highway. My computer is using up
        “all that I have to give” right now…and haven’t been feeling too well for some time now besides. I think the race to #80 is catching up with me sooner than later. (0:


  2. Apparently there is no edit capabilities after I clicked on share post…..sorry about the typos etc….


  3. You are a gem of a writer, Darla, the mirror and cup of creativity, the inspiration and guide for me. This was beautiful.
    Even a car accident does not diminish your talent!


    • I’m feeling a lot better, Marylin. Doc says I should be pain free in a few more weeks. I just love to write, and it makes me so happy to know that you enjoy my work.


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