Things I Love: The Photo That Dad Kept Close


IT’S NATIONAL SIBLING DAY: Here is the only photo I have of me and my siblings together in one picture, circa 1963-64, and it’s a copy. My dad kept this photo in his wallet for years after my parents divorced, and he gave it to my sister Lynne, his oldest child, several years before he died. She made copies and gave one to each of us.

We’re standing in order by age: Lynne, Rian, Brent, Norman, me, and Sandra down in front in a baby walker.

The photo is so worn, you can barely make us out. But is one of my greatest treasures because it revealed to me that my dad was thinking about us, even while he was away for all of those years.


Darla McDavid

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  1. I love this photo, too, Darla. It’s a precious reminder of you and your siblings…and the condition of the picture makes me think your dad carried it with him and took it out often.


    • Yes, he carried it with him always, my sister says. People have suggested that we get the photo restored, but I love it because of its condition — handled often.


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