Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour Highlights Hope


The Golden Hour: a favorite time of day for photographers (the first and last hours of sunlight) due to the quality of light.

You’ll find this piece of art at the entrance to beautiful Godric Grove, an area at the top of Santa Barbara’s Elings Park where I attended a wedding a few weeks ago. The sculpture depicts adults helping youth to overcome a struggle.

A local family lost their son to drug abuse and began an annual Summit for Danny hike up local and international trails and mountain ranges. Participants raise money to benefit the drug center for youth that the family established in their son’s name. Danny had begun his drug use in elementary school — most likely fifth grade.

In 2004 the family, the park, and our city’s Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse collaborated to have world-renowned American artist John Fisher create the monument.

I took this photo on July 6, at the beginning of the evening golden hour, 7:10 p.m.

The lighting, with its warm glow on the features of hope, tells the story well.

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

Darla McDavid

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  1. The golden light for the photograph truly does highlight the hope, Darla. The family’s dedication to the local and international hikes to earn money for the drug treatment center is also a golden light on a dark and sad time in their lives. Excellent post.


    • The father talks about how he had such high hopes for his son. Now his hope is that other parents get to see their children reach those high places. It’s sad, yet I’m glad they used this tragedy for good.


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