Mr. Rogers Shared His Mother’s Advice for Scary News

fred rogers - scary news

Many people are sharing the quote by Mr. Rogers where he gives advice for helping children when they see scary things in the news. Here is the quote in its entirety. For more of his thoughts on children and tragic events, visit this Fred Rogers Legacy website parent resources page.


Darla McDavid

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  1. Darla, this is touching and profoundly important today. And it’s such a good reminder; all over Paris–just as all over New York on 9/11–the horrors and fears and pain were everywhere, as were the examples of people helping each other.
    Thank you.


    • Whenever I’m sitting with a child as an emergency vehicle roars by with its siren or horn blasting, I wave and say “There go the helpers!”


  2. Darla: What a perfect time to bring out this incredible quote. We really like this because it allows for positive insight into negative times. Especially because of what’s going on in the news now!! Sharing this now. 😉


    • Unfortunately, since I posted this advice, we have had more incidents that are closer to home. Hopefully parents are doing their jobs to protect their children from such tragic news.


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