Things I Love: The Gerbera Daisy

Beauties I pulled out of a bouquet that I received last week from a student.

Beauty in a salsa jar. Click here for another one of my gerbera photos, a black and white image.

Darla McDavid

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  1. I love this picture, Darla. The Gerbera Daisy has been my favorite since my best friend in high school made a B-I-G pottery coffee cup and gave it to me with a Gerbera Daisy floating in the center. It matched the yellow walls we’d painted in my bedroom, and it was the happiest birthday present I’d ever received.


    • Adorable memory! I can see the two of you slapping paint on your walls, probably some music playing, making a fun, girlfriends kind of a mess. “Happy” always comes to mind when I look at one of these. God’s smile, I say, especially the yellow ones!


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