On Writing

10 reasons why a reader will put down your book
10 scary quotes about the writing life
10 Tips for writers from NaNoWriMo pep talks
10 Websites that strengthen new writers
10 writing tips for success from filmmaker Billy Wilder
5 reasons for writers to regain the library habit
5 websites that sharpen your writing skills
A writing habit is born
Are you ready to share your writing online?
Author Katie Cushman answers questions about the writing life
Bell tells writers to put the Big Lie to sleep
Bookmark this powerful blog list for writers
Childhood writing memories: What are yours?
Create a map of your novel’s world
Create a tagline to describe your writing
Create a writer’s mission statement
Feeling rejected? 15 famous authors who were turned down by publishers
Four lessons writers can learn from a bestseller list
Four reasons to strive for writing excellence
Free to write: 10 ways to express your gratitude this Fourth of July
Freshen up your writing routine this summer
Friday the 13th: 13 tips from famous writers
Got time? How to find time for writing when you work to live
Hey, Boo: 15 thoughts for writers from the PBS Harper Lee documentary
How to be a writer: 201 writing tips from Write to Done
How to get discovered as a writer
How to start writing after the day job ends
Is your writing like a windowpane?
John Steinbeck on getting started with writing
Know Your Writing Terms
Know your writing terms: Antagonist
Know your writing terms: Conflict
Know your writing terms: Point of view
Know your writing terms: Protagonist
Know your writing terms: Story and plot
Know your writing terms: Story arc
Know your writing terms: Subplot
Literary vs. Genre fiction: What’s all the fighting about?
Move from writer envy to inspired student
My type of Halloween treat: Books for writers
NaNoWriMo writing tips from successful authors
Now is the time to define your target reader
October 20: The National Day on Writing
Plan now for your New Year writing goals
Practice the craft of writing in your everyday work
Reading outside your box: Grisham and Bradbury
Reading outside your box: The Martian Chronicles
Reading: A key to becoming a better writer
Realistic fiction: Research your way to a convincing story
Revisit your writings for practice and improvement
Series: How to catch the eye of a literary agent
Seven Things: Coach John Wooden’s creed and the writing life
Start a best books for writers collection
Story rules from the greats at Pixar
Storytelling and what the reader wants
Super Writer: 5 Man of Steel powers to claim for your writing life
Ten questions I’ll be asking a published author
The Best Writing Advice I Know
The challenge of novel writing
The greatest lesson every writer should learn
The Hunger Games: Is this writing’s future?
The Olympics: Inspiration for writers
Use a photograph to spark a story
Use Goodreads to maintain your reading habit
Use Word of the Day as a writing challenge
What I learned as a NaNoWriMo participant
Why Star Wars is a beloved story and what fiction writers can learn from it
Write a novel in a month with NaNoWriMo
Write a synopsis to jump-start your story
Write stories using the hero’s journey storyboard template
Writers, rejection, and the Stockdale paradox
You can write fiction without using profanity
You’re a writer, so call yourself one!
Your manuscript’s opening pages: Wow those agents from the beginning

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