Little People, Big Minds


LUNA, a fourth grade student, on why she chose a quote by e. e. cummings


Children are gifts from God, and I have the privilege of working with an amazing group of them every day.

Yesterday we had our school’s Thanksgiving presentation, where each class celebrates the holiday in a creative way. The fourth grade students recited quotes that convey their feelings about being thankful.

Luna chose to quote E. E. Cummings:

i thank You God for most this amazing
day:for the leaping greenly spirits of trees
and a blue true dream of sky; and for everything
which is natural which is infinite which is yes

Since Luna was absent from school, her teacher read the Cummings quote along with Luna’s reason for choosing it.

After hearing the reason (shared in the image above), parents in the audience recognized the beautiful wonder of Luna’s thought with a collection of wows and other appreciative expressions.

Luna is a creative soul. She displays this in all areas of her school work and extracurricular life. Her Thanksgiving piece made it clear that, though she is a child, her mind is already filled with “big” things.

Her thought’s progression — from grab to heart to brain to tent to inspired — impressed me so and made me ponder the ways of a child.

They are thinking. They are wondering. Their minds are moving. They are creating and being inspired.

They are listening and learning, being affected and changed.

We all know that.

But do we listen for it, encourage it to be shared, give outlets for it, hug it, nurture it?

I sometimes doubt myself when I write young people into my stories and give them loftier thoughts than what may be considered “normal” for children. The more time I spend around children, the more I believe — the more I know — that these astonishingly creative and inspiring thoughts are simmering inside. Children may or may not be given opportunities to share them with others, whether by spoken words, printed words, dance steps, melodic notes, or coloring crayons.

Luna is a child. She has a big mind. How do children think? I’m going to take a cue from her.

What marvels of children have you discovered in your experiences with them?


Darla McDavid

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  1. e e cummings has been one of my favorite poets, ever since i took a poetry class in the summer of 1969. not only was he a poetic genius…but he also saved a lot of time by not bothering to hit the “capital” key on his typewriter! i also love your articulate and awesome article as it reminds me of the amazing things my 5 and 6 year old granddaughters often tell their pop pop 🙂


    • thanks, phil! did you save any of your poetry? i’d like to read a sample — knowing you, i’m sure it would be entertaining. writing this way does save time, but it would drive me nuts if I had to read it at length!


  2. Carson , Mark and I just buried our loving dog of 14 years today. We are very grateful for the love he showed our four children over the years. Two kids have graduated from Laguna moving on to college. I guess I should have been more prepared for this. My Junior in High school was a perfect gentlemen, chose a spot under a tree with blue sky, then helped my husband dig the hole as he insisted we bury at our new house. Much love this Thankgiving as we all have so much to be Thankful for. Kate and Mark Cody , Cassidy , Carly and Carson my youngest.


    • Pets are truly family members, Kate, and it’s so sad when they have to leave us. We had a beloved cat for 13 years and burying her was one of the hardest days of our lives. The flowers garden that we planted over her gives us beautiful colors year after year. Yes, there is so much for us to give thanks, including our wonderful school. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


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