Childhood Playground: Hilda Ray Park


This weekend was “Back to Childhood” for me and my siblings. Not only did we have dinner at our old elementary school, but we also drove up to Hilda Ray Park. My siblings and I would spend the summers there — a short walk up the hill from our home — as part of the city’s Summer Recreation program. I’m sure the amazing view was overlooked as we ran for the teeter-totter and merry-go-round, which were made of metal and steel. Imagine a hot summer day playing on those! Note the very safe, plastic play equipment that replaced ours. Times have changed, indeed.

Darla McDavid

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  1. It was a perfect day for reminiscing. Driving through the old neighborhoods. It seemed like only yesterday when I was beating you in tetherball. Oh! It was yesterday!😄


  2. Darla, this wonderful picture and description immediately transported me back to the summer before 5th grade, when our elementary school did a “Bike and Trike Wash” to raise money toward a hopscotch/circle tag/shuffleboard concrete addition to the 5th/6th grade wing of our school. We washed and polished over 125 bikes and trikes, including the local Thrift Shop paying us to wash and wipe dry 5 high chairs! Everyone was so supportive and encouraging. It was a happy time.


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