My Checklist of Things to Do Daily


I came up with this list a few years ago. Today I share it again as a reminder to myself that cleaning toilets is in the “Beautify” category. 😀

Darla McDavid

I'm Darla, a writer of stories about family, friends, goodness, and God. I love cats, coffee, gardening, and tall stacks of books. Click here to subscribe to my blog. You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram. In my other life, I'm an administrative professional and a Sunday School teacher for preschoolers.

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  1. You daily list is inspiring to me, Darla. It’s graceful, lovely, and not like mine, covered with mundane errands and must-do chores.
    I have to get a new list! 🙂


    • Mundane and must-do — yes, find some better words to describe them! That’s how I came up with these. I enjoy looking back on the day to see if I did at least one of each activity. If I didn’t, I try to squeeze something in before I go to bed.


  2. It is all how we see things – my goal is to glorify God in all that I do, and yes that includes cleaning toilets and cleaning up after the dogs…after all He entrusted those little hooligans to me. 🙂 I like your daily goals, I may have to adopt them to myself.


    • Feel free to adopt it. Today I spent a lot of time gardening, and I was able to check off “beautify” and “create” (I started my pallet herb garden) with one activity!


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